Hello, 2018 it’s good to see you…I think.

Oh, Hey….

Remember in 2017 when I said the new content was coming soon? Well, better late than never, right? So we’re on the 12th day of 2018. Almost halfway through the first month. It has been an interesting start, to say the least. After ringing in the new year in Las Vegas with my best friend Kristin and Britney Spears, my heart broke the very next day. My beloved Oklahoma Sooners lost the Rose Bowl playoff game. I cried. I asked why?! I couldn’t believe it. Baker Mayfield was supposed to win a National Championship. He had the Heisman, and needed the rest. This was our year – we were way overdue for a Championship trophy. It was time, this was the year and I watched it slip away. Just gone. We looked so good the first half and had a nice lead and it was gone. Gone. So here came the tears. I don’t cry over sports, but this… this was painful. Time to pull it together and move on, but excuse me if I randomly start crying every now and then. I’m looking at you, OU Defense.

The next day we arrived home to my car that would not start. Seriously? Is this how we’re going to be, 2018? I thought I left all of the nonsense in 2017 but apparently not. A failed jump and tow truck later, I was finally home and ready to focus on the new year and a new resolution. To be honest, I think resolutions are stupid. We all think of these crazy goals on December 31st or earlier, that we will start on January 1st and then by the end of January – we’re over it. Or maybe that’s just me. So I’ve decided to focus on small things, instead of making crazy resolutions like giving up carbs. Yes, I did that once. I don’t recommend it. I gave up after three days. And you can start to go crazy.

Ultimately, I resolve to take care of business. I know that sounds weird, but there are a number of things that I have hanging over my head. For starters, grad school. I was slated to graduate December 2017. However, due to my slacking my workload as a swim coach and teacher, the fall becomes very busy for me, and writing a 60-odd page document in less than three months became more and more impossible. So now I’m slated for May 2018, and God knows I’ve got work to do there. Along with graduate school, I have a few other things to bring to this game of life, and I’ll introduce them when the time is right. Just hold on, it’s coming.

This year is going to be a good one. I can feel it. But for now, it’s time for me to take a step back, buckle down and handle some business – all while looking good from the stands.

P.S.: Is it Opening Day yet? I’m ready for baseball. #allrise



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