Juggling it all

“Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn’t is someone who I admire, but have never met.” – Barbara Walters

If I told you my goals for the year, I’d say them confidently and give some kind of cocky head tilt when I was done. However, in my head, there is a full three-ring circus going on. Oh, but I’m a professional, don’t worry. I’m on the unicycle juggling everything; full-time job, this blog, coaching, and three personal goals. When I tell you the struggle is real…y’all have no idea.

My life revolves around my phone. As a socially-connected person, I am always scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, replying to SnapChat stories, and checking my email. While most people unplug, I stay plugged in and here’s why. I’m in my final – I say final cause I’m mentally done – semester of grad school. I’m in the middle of my thesis and it’s a study on – yep – Instagram and fashion bloggers. Go figure. Two things I love, fashion and Instagram, and I’ve had two mental breakdowns in the process. Theodore (yes, my thesis has a name. I even lovingly call him Theo), is daunting and frustrating, and way behind schedule. I was supposed to be done with him in December, but coaching got in the way and I’ve pushed him to this semester, and of course, I’m running out of time again. Panic! But not going to drop the ball here. Oh no, I’m better than that. Let’s throw something else in the mix to make this more fun. How about my New Year’s Resolution?

Ah, so I’m supposed to do a fitness competition this year. 2018 was supposed to be the year I do it. I have everything in place and lined up. I’m supposed to be eating right and getting all of my workouts in, teaching, blogging, coaching, working on Theo, manage a social life and stay sane and look presentable. You mean I can’t go to work in head to toe Lululemon? I can make it look cute, I promise. With all things in the air, all I want to do is shove my entire face into a bag of Cheetos, aka Orange Gold, with a sweet tea and some Sour Patch Kids. While my head is saying let’s do all of this, right now. All of the outside voices are saying you can’t. Oh but baby, I can. Here’s to hoping I get through the end of this month a little ahead of schedule and my sanity still intact. Excuse me while I go update my three planners…

Leave it to Barbara Walters to remind me that juggling is not supposed to be easy. I will struggle and have a hard time, and it will be difficult. It will be all about how I manage the struggle.

PS: I’m so glad the Eagles won the Super Bowl, but that halftime show was nothing to be desired. I expected a whole lot more. But, now that football’s over…bring on baseball. Go Yankees.

2 thoughts on “Juggling it all

  1. Hey Dani!!! It’s your cousin Talyce. I wanted to wish you luck on your blog. Taryn has been begging for me to start one. Well, I wanted to let you know that I will be following you and am interested in what you have going on. Talk to you later!

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