Hey there happy people! About a week ago, I got the opportunity to go to a pilates class at Re/Forme. For those that have never heard of Re/Forme, it is a Lagree style class on a refomer. I will say this was much different from any reformer class that I have ever taken. I’ve taken several pilates reformer classes and thought I would know what I was doing and be good, but I was wrong. My legs were shaking and we were barely 10 minutes into the workout. This is not a good sign. Visions of the struggle of sitting down the next day quickly popped into my head. but whatever. Since I attended the soft opening, the class I took was abbreviated to only 30 minutes. However, the standard class is 45 minutes and spends more time on each muscle group. It is high intensity so you are doing the movements quicker on the reformer. This is where I started getting tired.

I’ll be honest. I have taken a couple of weeks off from the gym. I have been taking my usual Soul Cycle classes, but haven’t been doing any weight training or fasted cardio like I usually do. Also, if I’m going to be completely transparent, I just discovered Zaxby’s and I love chicken tenders so yeah. There’s that. I’ve been living my best life. If you’ve never been to Zaxby’s, find one near you. I believe it’s better than Raising Canes. I digress. But given these factors, I quickly tired and was like, damn. I’m out of shape. But then again, this was a different type of workout, and the body reacts differently to movements it’s not used to. My legs were shaking before I could even get to my car. If I was slaughtered with 30 minutes, I can only imagine what a full 45-minute class is like. Well, I will find out soon, cause I have every intention of going back. Ya know, I enjoy torture – and I enjoy different workouts. I’m not the type of person to go out and run a bunch of miles and feel awesome after. You go, marathon runners. The only marathons I partake in are those of the Netflix variety.

Overall, I loved the workout. I would definitely have to build up to look cute on the reformer 🙂 Maybe after a few classes I’ll be adjusted. For me personally, the only drawback for the studio me is Re/Forme is a little far for me. I’m out in the ‘burbs and the studio is on the other side of Houston in the Heights. It’s roughly 40 minutes away from me…really 30 minutes with my driving skills. Don’t worry I’m a safe driver, I went to the Daryl Hunt School of Driving. I’m a pro. (That’s my dad, btw).

Anyway! Check out Re/Forme in the Heights: 1737 W. 34th Street, Houston 77018 Ste 800. Click the link below for more information! **This post is in no way sponsored by Re/Forme.**  Click here for more info.

On another note, Opening Day is Thursday, y’all! Going to the Rockets game tonight and I’m ready for some popcorn and beer. Maybe even the chicken nachos at Toyota Center. Have you tried those? So good. And the waffle fries. Okay, I’m done. It’s okay I did fasted cardio this morning and I’m going to Soul Cycle on Wednesday… getting back into a groove.

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