Rockets and Yankees

I don’t know why it took this long to get this post up, but I won’t make it a habit. Last week I had an insane week with a cold that felt like death was taking over, a Soul Cycle double ride, and three games. This is somewhat of a long post, but sit tight. I’ve got some food recs and Minute Maid gameday tips for you.

Last Sunday’s game vs. the Jazz was a good one. Mainly cause I’m obsessed with the food at Toyota Center. The waffle fries and chicken lime nachos (I think that’s what they’re called), are my favorite game time snacks. I mostly sit in section 109 and I know they have seasoned waffle fries and nachos in the club lobby. I also know they can be ordered them from the floor if you are lucky enough to be sitting courtside. Just a warning, from experience, you can’t look cute, eat nachos and watch for flying basketballs (sometimes bodies) at the same time. So, if you are sitting courtside, pick one. 🙂

After the game, we had an dinner at Masto’s.  I will say this spot is perfect to get fancy for date night, or have a nice family lunch or dinner. If you still don’t have Mother’s Day plans, this is a good spot! I did try some of my cousin’s steak and it was amazing. I was craving seafood so I split the seabass and crab cakes with a friend. I highly recommend the seabass. We had it blackened, and it was incredible. Keep in mind I had nachos, fries, maybe some popcorn a cookie, and some other random stuff at the game, so yeah. I was good and full.

Tuesday was the first of back to back trips to Minute Maid Park for the middle two of a four-game series between the Yankees and Red Sox. You’re probably thinking back-to-back games is unnecessary. But listen, on August 29, 1980-something, I pledged my allegiance to the Pinstripes, and it’s been Bronx Bombers only my entire life. At this point, I was miserable with my cold/allergy situation but a cough and runny nose were not going to keep me from seeing my boys in Houston. Not to mention, the Yankees have been on fire, and I’m not going to miss seeing Judge, Stanton, Hicks, Sanchez and the whole crew put on a show. Anyway! Here are some game-day tips for a good time at Minute Maid.

  1. Pre Game at Lucky’s Pub! If you have the time, grab a beer or two before the game! Lucky’s has on-site parking, and if you arrive early enough you can park in their lot and leave your car there for free to head to the game. If you’re hungry, order the wings at the pizza. you can’t go wrong. Especially, if you’re trying to avoid ballpark concession prices. Lucky’s does offer a shuttle to Minute Maid but it’s a less than ten-minute walk. Frankly, I haven’t taken the shuttle – I’ve only walked. (Note: the next day I valeted my car right across the street for $40. Parking ranges from 20 on up).

    aaron walk up
    Aaron Judge, New York Yankees #99
  2. Get there early for batting practice! Whether you are there for the ‘Stros or not, BP is always a good idea. Lucky for me, I got to watch Judge and Stanton put on a show. Judge alone, was enough to get there early. But whoever is in town – batting practice is always fun. Just sayin…Here’s a tip, if you’re there for the visiting team, sit along the third baseline. You never know who will come over and sign something for you before the game. You can usually get into sections 110-116 and go down close for BP or go sit in the outfield and catch a few balls.

    Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankees #27
  3.   Have fun! Be loud and be proud. Whoever you’re rooting for, do it with pride. I cheered (croaked is more like it, cause, coughed for a week straight) for my Bronx Bombers for two nights in a row. A born and raised Houstonian, cheering for the Yankees – in Houston. I did it with pride, and you should too for whoever your team is. If you didn’t eat before and are hungry, Shake Shack and Torchy’s Tacos are at Minute Maid. There is a cool viewing deck at Torchy’s and the queso and guacamole are an obsession. Shake Shack’s black and white shake and SmokeShack burger are delicious. You’ll thank me later.

Next week I head to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Bring on the funnel cakes and roller coasters.

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