Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

It is no secret that I love baseball. I’m a big Yankees fan (don’t start with me – I’m not a fan of the logo like many are), and if I’m watching TV, more than likely it’s on MLB Network. So when a friend says, “Hey, let’s go to a game”, I’m always up for it, no matter who’s playing. Although my boys weren’t in town, the Red Sox were – and I definitely wasn’t missing that.

Mostly I prefer to sit behind home plate or along the visiting dugout (third base line), but this time Evelyn and I sat in the Torchy’s Party Deck. As a game day enthusiast, I like to look for the best way to casually enjoy a game without having to do too much. If you’re not actually into baseball and are just wanting to enjoy a good atmosphere with friends then the Party Deck is for you. Here are a couple of tips and information for having the best time.

dani torchy's
I’ve linked my look at the end of the post. The exact Express shorts and Z Supply shirt. I also found the shirt in a three pack!

Ticket Price: Tickets are general admission and cost $49 each. With taxes and all the shit unnecessary fees that come with buying tickets, the total price for one ticket was about $58. For those that are unfamiliar with purchasing tickets, click on the map to view seats and click on the Torchy’s Party Deck, or scroll down to Torchy’s Party Deck in the drop-down menu (price range options).

view from party minute maid deck
View from the deck.

Parking: We parked at Lucky’s (duh) and had a beer there beforehand. Parking ranges from $10 to $40.

Get There Early: Keep in mind that this is a general admission ticket, so unless you want to be standing the entire game, you’ll want to allow for some time to scope out a spot along the bar area. Here is the view from where we sat. You get a nice view of the entire field and overlook the Astros’ bullpen. We got there about two hours (gates open 2 hours prior to first pitch) in advance which was more than enough time. BUT keep in mind the day of the week, and what team is in town, to gauge how early you want to arrive. Now that I have done it, I would say to-be 45 minutes early for a Sunday evening game is early enough.

Food: The complete Torchy’s menu is not offered, but there are a couple of options (Trailer Park Trashy style for me, please!). And of course, Torchy’s queso is on the menu. There is someone that serves you so you do not have to go back and forth to a concession stand. Beer and  If you don’t care for tacos (what’s wrong with you?!) there is a self-service concession stand close by and you can order up what you want. PS: Shake Shack is right down the escalator!

Bring a Group: Ev and I went with just the two of us and when she and I are together we are our own party; however, having a group does make the experience. The largest group I saw was a group of 5 guys and they had to stand around a table (didn’t get there early enough). There were several couples enjoying date night as well.

The best part about the party deck is there is space! Sometimes when you’re seating in the seats, you are sometimes a little close together, or having to deal with people climbing over you to get to the aisle (think of the person that goes to the bar 10 times – annoying). There is room to move and everyone is having a good time.

Until the next game day!


My Fenty Beauty Collection

Okay. Here’s a disclaimer: I am a proud member of both Rihanna Navy AND the Beyhive. Yes, you can be a part of both. I’m not going to lie, I am always skeptical of when a celebrity branches out of their nice. Like, stick to what makes you money, honey. BUT. Rihanna. Rih. Oh, my girl. She knocked it out the park with Fenty Beauty. Seriously. I have a lot of her products and I must say, it is part of my daily routine. Here are my thoughts on everything I’ve purchased. Sit back and relax, this will be a long one.

  1.  The first item I bought when Fenty first came out was the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Illumumizer. I remember I woke up so I could snag it online at Sephora before it was sold out. After my first gloss came in, and it was restocked, I ordered another. I have two (maybe three) rolling around in different purses. I reach for it when I want something natural and glossy.
  2. It took me a while (okay, a few months) to finally purchase the Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. I’ve always loved Rihanna’s red lip and searched high and low for something similar before Stunna Lip Paint came out. I wore MAC’s Ruby Woo for a while, but it was way too matte and would make my lips really dry. I heard good reviews about this one and finally purchased it during the Sephora Sale. If you want a good red lip with a matte finish, I’d go with this one. To be honest, I just threw out Ruby Woo. Sorry, not sorry.
  3. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is a mouthful, but I LOVE this foundation, and I have another bottle on standby. I have always had a little trouble finding a foundation. Either it’s too yellow, too red, too greasy, not matte enough – whatever. I prefer a matte finish and wear a mattifying primer as well, but it’s not super matte. I know some people who wear it and prefer to be dewy and just add Cover FX highlighting drops to give it a little boost. I personally give this foundation a 20/10 🙂
  4. Body Lava, and Fairy Bomb add that shimmer and with summer finally here, who doesn’t wanna sparkle in the sun. The body lava did make me breakout just a little, but I put it in an area where I am a little sensitive (my chest – I was trying to be extra), so if you are sensitive in those areas, I would not put the lava there (haha). The Fairy Bomb is fun, but the lava is good enough to give a glow.
  5. Everyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with highlighter. If there is anything I have more of than lipstick, it’s a highlighter and the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo is on repeat for me. I have this highlighter in Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule and it is a bronzy pink. I like to use it as a blush topper as well to give it a little glow. I actually shattered this highlighter and sat there trying to put it back in the pan to preserve it. I had to let it go and repurchase it, but it’s definitely worth it.
  6. Okay, so I know I’ve said, “I LOVE this” a bunch, but there were a few items that I either need a different shade of or didn’t care for and those are the Match Stix Trio and Precision Makeup Sponge. I love a good contour but the trio was a miss for me because of the colors. Now, all I have to do is purchase the stix individually to get my perfect color, so it’s not a color availability issue. But the colors in the deep shades were too dark for me and tan was too light so, there’s that. And to be frank, I just prefer a beauty blender of the makeup sponge. That’s all there is to that.
  7. Lastly, I just bought the Summer Nights Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trio cause who doesn’t want lipglosses called Snake skin, Mermaid Thighs, and Vacray? Those names just sound like summer.

I have linked all of these products below for you, so if you have been considering trying some of the newer Fenty products, go for it! If you have some Fenty products you think I should try, leave your recs down below in the comments! I look, forward to reading them all!