I Love Saranghae

I am the first to admit that I spend a lot of money on product that goes on my face. While I spend a ton on makeup, very little of my yearly spending goes to skin care. I know, what thirty-something doesn’t have a skin care routine?! So you may have seen me post a selfie with a new face wash I have been trying out on Insta Stories. For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying out Saranghae’s five-step system. For someone who doesn’t have a beauty routine whatsoever – I literally only use facewash and keep going – this was a complete change for me.

Saranghae is a Korean 5-step skin care system that uses unique ingredients including gold! There’s seriously gold flecks in the facewash. It’s my favorite part and adds a little sparkle to my morning routine. I have currently been using the Saranghae system both in the morning and at night and am already noticing that my skin is brighter and even some dark spots are kind of fading.

I will be doing a more in-depth review in the next couple of weeks, (maybe even a video?!?!) but I wanted to share that I think I have found my new skin regimen. Check out Saranghae Skin here!

Also here’s a pic of my skin about two days into using the system. (Side note: I know I shared this pic a couple days ago, but it was actually taken two weeks ago).


dani saranghae before
A little grainy, but here I am at the start of using the Saranghae 5 – step system.

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