Yankee Stadium – Right Field

“Some people go to Disney World, I go to Yankee Stadium. Multiple parks give you different attractions. Multiple sections give me different experiences.” – Me.

When you step off the train at 161st Street in the Bronx on game day, there’s a buzz. An electricity. And it’s different. People are throwing names around on who might have a good game. Judge. Stanton. “Didi should heat up”, “Sonny is pitching tonight. Could get interesting”. I had all sorts of responses in my head since I was walking solo up to the massive palace that is Yankee Stadium. My friend Kyndal was meeting me up there for the game, but I arrived a little early just to walk around and catch the end of batting practice. *Yankees ended up taking BP before the gates opened (or so I was told) and caught the tail end of the Royals BP*. I was already slightly annoyed but not really at the fact that I had specifically purchased right field seats so I could first and foremost sit in the outfield (which I hadn’t done at Yankee Stadium) and, duh, we all know who’s in right field. BUT, I had received the lineup when it came out and was disappointed that Aaron Judge was DHing and I had to settle for Stanton. I say “settle” very sarcastically. Who doesn’t wanna stare at this every inning?

Giancarlo Stanton 7/26

Anywho, here’s the breakdown.


Sec. 104  Row 5  Seats 16-17


I don’t think there is really a bad seat in Yankee Stadium. There’s a great view no matter where you sit. With the Judge’s Chambers directly behind us and the eye candy in front (you’re welcome ladies) right field is definitely a good place to sit for nine innings.


Please keep in mind that concession stands vary from level to level. My friend Kyndal and I spent a total of $41 dollars and were highly satisfied. We both had souvenir cup sodas, one bottle of water and the value bucket. The value bucket is approximately $19.50 and comes with fries and eight tenders. We decided to upgrade to garlic fries – $3.00 extra – but worth it.

Game Highlights

Judge got hit by a pitch which resulted in a fractured wrist – this was painful to watch cause it looked painful. But then Aaron stayed in, and then came out; cue the cellphone light vigil; Gregorius hit a home run; Sonny pitched really well; The Yankees won 7-2. Overall, Kyndal enjoyed her first trip to Yankee Stadium. Who doesn’t? If there is anyone out that hated their overall experience at that beautiful place, please message me and let me know why. No judgment.

This was the first of what would be three days straight at Yankee Stadium. Stay tuned for Yankee Stadium – Jim Beam Club, early next week.


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