Gym Bods and Cinnabons

When I get in a rut, I’m deep in that rut. Saturday I ate an entire cinnamon pecan bon from Cinnabon and had no regrets. Literally sat in my bed, ate the whole thing, washed it down with a venti iced chai with coconut milk and then split a pizza with a friend and washed that down with a beer later that night. I’ve gone from meal-prepping badass to drive-thru junkie real quick.

I have run the entire spectrum in the past year and a half when it comes to fitness. Just earlier this year I was ready to sign up and prep for a fitness competition. Now I look back and say to myself, why would you ever do that, Dani Hunt? There are days when I just want to sit on the couch and eat chips, and then there are days when I’m ready to hit do a double. I really do have a love-hate relationship with the gym. When I’m focused, I’m super in tune with my gym schedule. People are always so quick to offer up the programs they use and swear by. I know what I need to do, finding what works for me isn’t the issue. It’s my own head. So here I am at the start of a new school year, ready to grab my fitness life by the horns, even though, I know I have a super busy few months ahead of me. Between grad school, being a teacher, coaching swimming, and maintaining my sanity, finding the balance of it all – let’s just hope I don’t completely lose all of my marbles.

At the start of each school year, I like to set a goal for myself. This year, I want to focus on my well being and not give in to the stresses of work. Whenever I stress I comfort myself with food and relaxation, and this often times can dip into a slump. So to balance that out I want to think the opposite. I want to put out all of my stress in the gym. I realize that I am saying the complete opposite of what I was putting out in February. I was in a different place mentally. I was motivated and ready to push myself to a new level. Now I’m having to refocus and get myself together. Tomorrow is a new day.

Anyone else out there on the struggle bus when it comes to fitness? Let me know how you deal below!


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