Football Season Must-Haves

It’s official: tailgate season is here along with all of the watch parties. This also means that a large amount of beer, wings, pizza – you name it – will be consumed over the next six months. Not only will you need to have your appetite ready (or at least your will to maintain that Whole30 diet everyone has been starting), you need to make sure that wardrobe is also ready. Whether your stadium style is chic and sophisticated or basic jeans and tee, I have pulled together some of my favorite pieces that will not only have you prepared for the season ahead. I’m talking leather leggings, denim jackets, team hoodies, boots, and (for you SEC girls that absolutely must wear high heels to a football game) all the dresses!

I put together a round up of my favorite denim jackets that you can find at Express below.

A denim jacket is basically a year ’round staple in my closet, and if you – like me – are in Texas, Arizona, California, Louisiana, etc., you can get away with a denim jacket for your outerwear for the majority of the year. For those colder days, you can just layer with a fleece hoodie, beanie, and scarf to stay warm. Pair your hoodie with some leather leggings to give your look a little bit more of an edge and throw on some booties. If you are not a heel or bootie kind of girl, throw on a pair of Vans. I know that may sound basic, but Vans has quickly stolen my heart and right now I want every single pair they have in a size 10.5. I personally would pair a pair of Vans with leather leggings for a day game, pregaming at a tailgate. I would throw the booties in for a night game with an added leather jacket for that extra edge, in case that dinner and drinks follow the game. Or, for the days that I am being extra (which is almost always), I will wear a bootie and leather jacket to a day game as well.
What makes the leather leggings and jacket perfect is that they quickly and easily make a t-shirt look extra chic. I love Spanx leather leggings. I saw everyone on Instagram talking about them last year and when I saw they were in the Nordstrom Sale, I told myself no at first, but then gave in a purchased a pair right when the sale was ending. If you have been paying attention to my Instagram feed, you may have seen me wearing a black BlankNYC leather jacket. This leather jacket has definitely taken the place of my Express one from last year. I love how tailored the fit is and how soft the leather is on the BlankNYC jacket. Not to mention, you can always have an extra black leather jacket. ūüôā Once you throw in a heel and you are no longer casual, despite wearing a tee. This is why I love fall. Football season, and preseason basketball, allow for all of the t-shirts and casual looks.

Okay so your look is complete but do you have your bag?! You know the majority of college stadiums and all NFL stadiums have the clear bag rule in effect. And I have two clear bag retailers for you! I just ordered the Leigh Anne from GiGi New York. I have been wanting this bag ever since Collins Tuohy Smith announced the collab. First off, I love Collins. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Create & Cultivate in LA and I just went right up to her and said hi. She is the absolute sweetest. Anyway back to the bag. Collins collabed with GiGi New York to come up with stadium approved clear bags. I purchased the Leigh Anne in black, got a crimson and white tassel so I can rep my beloved OU, and also got the bag monogrammed. I can’t wait for it to come in. The Leigh Anne is a sleek crossbody and comes in black or tan trim. Like I said, I ordered the black mainly cause I wear a lot of black, but I may get another one to have in the tan color, cause, options. You can shop the Leigh Anne below.

Now, if you want something a little less expensive, I have to share with you that Opolis Clothing has clear bags in store. So if you are in the Norman, Oklahoma area, I highly suggest that you pop in the store and check out their clear bag selection. I love their tee shirts and sweatshirts. I just ordered a ton from them (and will be ordering more) that I can’t wait to share with you all. Plus, what’s better than shopping small and supporting local businesses?

I can’t wait to head to my first football game of the season starting with Baylor and OU in Norman at the end of the month. Then I will be heading to a few Texans games with a couple Astros (and potentially Rangers) games before baseball season ends. Tell me, what is your go-to game day outfit?

Gym Bods and Cinnabons

When I get in a rut, I’m deep in that rut. Saturday I ate an entire cinnamon pecan bon from Cinnabon and had no regrets. Literally sat in my bed, ate the whole thing, washed it down with a venti iced chai with coconut milk and then split a pizza with a friend and washed that down with a beer later that night. I’ve gone from meal-prepping badass to drive-thru junkie real quick.

I have run the entire spectrum in the past year and a half when it comes to fitness. Just earlier this year I was ready to sign up and prep for a fitness competition. Now I look back and say to myself, why would you ever do that, Dani Hunt? There are days when I just want to sit on the couch and eat chips, and then there are days when I’m ready to hit do a double. I really do have a love-hate relationship with the gym. When I’m focused, I’m super in tune with my gym schedule. People are always so quick to offer up the programs they use and swear by. I know what I need to do, finding what works for me isn’t the issue. It’s my own head. So here I am at the start of a new school year, ready to grab my fitness life by the horns, even though, I know I have a super busy few months ahead of me. Between grad school, being a teacher, coaching swimming, and maintaining my sanity, finding the balance of it all – let’s just hope I don’t completely lose all of my marbles.

At the start of each school year, I like to set a goal for myself. This year, I want to focus on my well being and not give in to the stresses of work. Whenever I stress I comfort myself with food and relaxation, and this often times can dip into a slump. So to balance that out I want to think the opposite. I want to put out all of my stress in the gym. I realize that I am saying the complete opposite of what I was putting out in February. I was in a different place mentally. I was motivated and ready to push myself to a new level. Now I’m having to refocus and get myself together. Tomorrow is a new day.

Anyone else out there on the struggle bus when it comes to fitness? Let me know how you deal below!


Yankee Stadium – Jim Beam Club

Last week I had planned back to back trips to Yankee Stadium (read about the first trip here), and the second day stretched into a third thanks to a rain delay. The unexpected day three at the ballpark led to a quick trip to H&M to find something for the Saturday. ANYWAY! Friday/Saturday vs. the Royals and it was CC Sabathia bobblehead giveaway day.

Gates Open

Friday night: 5:00; although I think they actually opened at 4:00. I got there around 6:15. The first 18,000 guests received the CC Sabathia bobblehead and I’m so glad my mom and I both got one – considering we arrived later than I usually like to. However, the rain may have kept people away for a little bit.

Saturday night the gates opened at 5:00. No giveaway for this game as it was the make from Friday.


320C  Row 5  Seats 9-12

This section gave access to the Jim Beam Club which has a full bar, a patio area by the seats with another small bar. Inside the lounge there was free popcorn, peanuts, and unlimited drink refills (fountain drinks only). These seats are


Beautiful. Case in point…



My mom and I went with the value bucket and ate ALL the popcorn. We are popcorn people. **Reminder: popcorn are peanuts arecomplimentary and unlimited in the Jim Beam Club** By the time we made through Saturday’s make up game, we have probably gone through two bags each. I may have also ate some of a third bag, but who’s actually keeping track? Plus the bags are kind of small.

Overall game two of Saturday’s double header was a beautiful night for baseball, although a little warmer than the night before.

Game Day Style

Here’s a recap of what I wore to each game. You don’t always have to wear a team tee or jersey to a game. Remember your favorite teams colors and incorporate that in what you wardrobe. Obviously you want to be functional when you’re at a ballpark. I love wearing a jumpsuit and found these two at Lily Rain Rice Village. The first jumpsuit I paired with this Free People bralette in white. I usually like to pair my jumpsuits with a wedge or a heel, but not at an outdoor ball park where people are good at spilling beer and whatnot. So I opted for a Tory Burch Miller sandal. I’ve had multiple pairs of Millers over the years, but here are the pair I am wearing now.

Thanks to Friday’s game being a rain out, and we would be returning the next day, I had to make an emergency stop at H&M in Times Square for something to wear. Leave to H&M to come in clutch. I couldn’t find the exact tank that I wore, but I did find the v-neck¬† version¬†here. It’s super cute as well, and will probably be ordering it to wear for work. These are the white jeans I basically wore all summer long.

Coming up in the Major League game day adventures, I’m heading to Wrigley Field for the first time as they take on the Cincinnati Reds in August. I’m excited to be checking off one of my must-sees on my stadium bucket list.

Until next time,


My Skincare Love Story

Okay so I’m pretty plain Jane when it comes to skin care – face wash and that’s it. A few weeks back I introduced you to a skincare line, Saranghae, and how much I have been enjoying using it (if you haven’t I suggest you check out this post here). Well, it’s been over a month since I started using the system and I absolutely love it! For someone who is not used to a system, and previously only used facewash, this system showed me – and my skin – what we have been missing out on. To refresh your memory, Saranghae is a Korean beauty skincare line, Okay, let me give you the play-by-play of how it actually works.

Step 1: Nourishing and Moisturizing Oil and Foam Cleanser

This is the sparkliest part of my morning! This face wash is made with truffle extract and gold! Yep. Gold flecks are all in that face wash and it works like a champ! I wear a lot of makeup and this cleanser cleans it all off. I am out in the sun and pretty active so I need a good cleanser to get my skin clean. I can’t see myself really using a different cleanser – and it has a nice clean scent as well!

Step 2: Deep Radiance Essence and Serum

Right after cleansing in the morning comes the serum equipped with plant-based placenta (I know, right!?), collagen, elastin, Mushroom extract and hyaluronic acid. It’s meant to heal and regenerate your skin.

Step 3: Regeneration Cream

Antioxidants, amino acids, and regenerative peptides help eliminate age spots, decrease redness and reduce signs of aging. Considering, I’m almost 32, and attempting to try to stay looking 22, give me all the regeneration cream. Let me dive into it and swim in it bit. Appreciate it!

Step 4: Renewal Eye Cream

I never thought I’d ever use an eye cream, but I do now! Let’s be honest I’m not very savvy when it comes to what my face needs and apparently I’ve needed an eye cream. Saranghae’s Focus Renewal Eye Cream contains collagen, elastin, vitamin B3 and Phellinus Linteus Mushroom Extract – which has really helped the dark circles that have formed around my eyes thanks to grad school and essay grading.

Step 5: Essence Mask

Here’s a little something I don’t talk much about, but I’m a huge fan of sheet masks. I have probably used all of the Sephora brand masks at least ten times each. So when I saw that the system included a sheet mask, I was immediately excited. The Elemental Essence Mask is so moisturizing it’s insane. I love a cool mask, and it literally feels so good after. Once I take the mask off I rub in the extra and head to bed. My skin looks bright and soft. This mask is made with CoQ10 and hyaluronic acid. I only do the mask once a week right after I cleanse!

Over time my skin has gone from a little out of whack, to increasingly becoming clearer and brighter. Not to mention my makeup has been going on so much smoother. Who knew a regular skin care routine would lead to so many benefits. And before anyone says “duh”, shut it okay, I was low maintenance when it came to my skin. Just not my makeup. Now I am. See? Growth. I wouldn’t throw a product at you that I didn’t believe in and this one I most definitely do. Each item can be purchased separately or you can subscribe to a bundle that will auto ship to you at your preferred frequency. Shop the system here!

You won’t regret it!


saranghae bed




Yankee Stadium – Right Field

“Some people go to Disney World, I go to Yankee Stadium. Multiple parks give you different attractions. Multiple sections give me different experiences.” – Me.

When you step off the train at 161st Street in the Bronx on game day, there’s a buzz. An electricity. And it’s different. People are throwing names around on who might have a good game. Judge. Stanton. “Didi should heat up”, “Sonny is pitching tonight. Could get interesting”. I had all sorts of responses in my head since I was walking solo up to the massive palace that is Yankee Stadium. My friend Kyndal was meeting me up there for the game, but I arrived a little early just to walk around and catch the end of batting practice. *Yankees ended up taking BP before the gates opened (or so I was told) and caught the tail end of the Royals BP*.¬†I was already slightly annoyed but not really at the fact that I had specifically purchased right field seats so I could first and foremost sit in the outfield (which I hadn’t done at Yankee Stadium) and, duh, we all know who’s in right field. BUT, I had received the lineup when it came out and was disappointed that Aaron Judge was DHing and I had to settle for Stanton. I say “settle” very sarcastically. Who doesn’t wanna stare at this every inning?

Giancarlo Stanton 7/26

Anywho, here’s the breakdown.


Sec. 104  Row 5  Seats 16-17


I don’t think there is really a bad seat in Yankee Stadium. There’s a great view no matter where you sit. With the Judge’s Chambers directly behind us and the eye candy in front (you’re welcome ladies) right field is definitely a good place to sit for nine innings.


Please keep in mind that concession stands vary from level to level. My friend Kyndal and I spent a total of $41 dollars and were highly satisfied. We both had souvenir cup sodas, one bottle of water and the value bucket. The value bucket is approximately $19.50 and comes with fries and eight tenders. We decided to upgrade to garlic fries – $3.00 extra – but worth it.

Game Highlights

Judge got hit by a pitch which resulted in a fractured wrist – this was painful to watch cause it looked painful. But then Aaron stayed in, and then came out; cue the cellphone light vigil; Gregorius hit a home run; Sonny pitched really well; The Yankees won 7-2. Overall, Kyndal enjoyed her first trip to Yankee Stadium. Who doesn’t? If there is anyone out that hated their overall experience at that beautiful place, please message me and let me know why. No judgment.

This was the first of what would be three days straight at Yankee Stadium. Stay tuned for Yankee Stadium – Jim Beam Club, early next week.


C&C Houston Style Summit

This past Saturday, Create and Cultivate hosted a Style Summit here in Houston. As a fan of anything C&C does (in August I’m heading to the Chicago conference), I made sure I was in attendance for this event. My friend Bethany of @twentysomethingplus came to town for the even as well and that was a blast having here come all the way from Boston to hang with me and hear from our favorite influencers. C&C goes all out no matter how small the event. Here’s a recap of the weekend.


How cute is this romper from Vogue Society Boutique? Shop it here

I picked up Bethany from the airport around 4 and we headed straight to the Galleria. C&C had a happy hour at Coach for all of the summit attendees and we weren’t going to miss that! Of course, it’s not C&C without champagne and the bottles were poppin’ in Coach. Can I just be honest? I hadn’t stepped foot in a Coach store in years. I am impressed by the rebranding that Coach has undergone. I actually have my eye on a few items at Coach. Birthday is coming up you guys… just saying.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to any C&C and they have a happy hour on the schedule, make sure you go! The networking is well worth it, and you get the opportunity to make a friend and hang out with. Luckily I had Bethany this time, but when I went to LA, I was solo and didn’t know a soul – but I met Alyssa and she was my buddy the following day…and I eventually met Bethany at the conference as well. Seriously, C&C produces great networking and new friendships.


Saturday morning Bethany and I headed out early to the Galleria, because the first 150 guests got a swag bag. Needless to say, we were first in line because we were gonna make sure we got a swag bag and a front row seat – and we did. This year’s style summit featured one of my favorite bloggers, Courtney Kerr. I love her approach to everything. She is literally my blogger goals. After she spoke, I actually was able to snag a pic with her and I’m pretty sure I told her I loved her twice. But that’s not a lie so… there’s that.


Elizabeth Chambers Hammer was the keynote for the afternoon, and she said something that I really admired. It was something along the lines that as a for-profit company you need to incorporate not-for-profit elements. I probably butchered that quote (sorry Elizabeth) but it was something along those lines. But seriously, I need to make a road trip to Dallas to BIRD Bakery ¬†cause the cookies are delicious and now I need to taste the entire menu. Is there a way we can set this up? Like mini versions of everything? Except for the chocolate chip cookies..I’ll take the full size of those. Yeah? That PB&JJ sounds amazing.

Overall, the style summit left me READY for Chicago at the end of August. They have announced Shay Mitchell and Jennifer Hudson as keynote speakers, and Ashley Tisdale, Olivia Rink, Whitney Port, Blake Von D, Koya Webb, Maxie McCoy and so many others will be there as speakers as well. Oh yeah, get ready. I was so happy I could show Bethany a small part of Houston. Maybe I can get her to come back during Rodeo season. Bethany, what say you?!

Bethany @twentsomethingplus

My Favorite Stores

**This post was supposed to go up last week, but somehow got deleted. ANYWHO here we are!**

For the past few weeks, my entire Instagram timeline has been jammed packed with Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts. While I’m not currently shopping it (I may pop in sometime this week) I got to thinking about where the majority of my clothes come from. No shade to those that are big into the N Sale, but frankly I’m a little over hearing about it. I love to shop and several of my friends are big N Sale girls and more power to them! However, all this N Sale had me thinking about where I do my shopping. I get the majority of my clothes from online boutiques and some mainstream stores. So I’m here to share with you my favorites for staple pieces and shops that will always keep you on trend. PS, I have linked the store’s websites, and also included their Instagram accounts!

Express¬†There’s no secret that I love Express. 98% of my jeans are from Express, and I always know I can rely on them for cute dresses and basics. I frequently pop in just to check some things out. But for the most part, I buy through the app. I love when things show up on my doorstep. LOL. @express

Lily Rain Okay. If you’ve been paying attention to my Instagram posts, you will have noticed my blooming love affair with Lily Rain. Seriously, I absolutely love this store. If you are in the Houston area there are three boutiques in the city and there are several throughout the country as well. Not to mention, you can shop online. You guys, get ready cause I just did a massive haul the other day and can’t wait to share it with you this week. @lilyrain

Anthropologie Every girl is an Anthro girl! I’ll never forget the first time I stepped foot in an Anthropologie. It was the Rockefeller Plaza location, and if you’ve been there, you know how much of a wonderland it is. 2 stories of beautiful clothes for every occasion, and I could stay in there for hours. If you are ever in New York City, do yourself a favor and give your soul what it deserves – a shopping trip at Anthro in Rockefeller Plaza. You can thank me later. @anthropologie

Vogue Society Boutique I stumbled upon this cute online store through Instagram and I love it! Sharon and Kait are a mother/daughter duo who own VSB. The store launches new items every Sunday and Monday. @voguesocietyboutique

Vici Collection¬†Every Saturday I have to brace myself and my wallet for what’s about to happen to my feed. Vici Collection releases a new collection every Saturday and the clothes are so cute and ALWAYS need to be in my closet. I wish Vici would just add me to their automatic ship list if they have one. I’ll take everything, please! Bill me later! Do yourself a favor and go follow @vicidolls

Pomp and Circumstance Boutique A few weeks back on my Instagram Story I complained about shipping fees. Well let me tell you P&C feels my pain and always offers free shipping! Stay on trend and colorful at P&C. If you are in the Houston area, you can find them in Rice Village! @pompandcircumstanceboutique

JLUX LABEL¬†Whenever I need an outfit for a night out, or something just a little sleeker, I rely on J Lux to get me right. Their prices are perfect and the quality of the clothes is even better. Their Instagram inspires me to go out! LOL When considering outfits to pack, there’s always some JLUX in my suitcase! @jluxlabel

Give these stores a follow and be sure to let me know on my Instagram or in the comments, what boutiques I should give a try. I’m always looking for something new!

Until next time!