I Love Saranghae

I am the first to admit that I spend a lot of money on product that goes on my face. While I spend a ton on makeup, very little of my yearly spending goes to skin care. I know, what thirty-something doesn’t have a skin care routine?! So you may have seen me post a selfie with a new face wash I have been trying out on Insta Stories. For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying out Saranghae’s five-step system. For someone who doesn’t have a beauty routine whatsoever – I literally only use facewash and keep going – this was a complete change for me.

Saranghae is a Korean 5-step skin care system that uses unique ingredients including gold! There’s seriously gold flecks in the facewash. It’s my favorite part and adds a little sparkle to my morning routine. I have currently been using the Saranghae system both in the morning and at night and am already noticing that my skin is brighter and even some dark spots are kind of fading.

I will be doing a more in-depth review in the next couple of weeks, (maybe even a video?!?!) but I wanted to share that I think I have found my new skin regimen. Check out Saranghae Skin here!

Also here’s a pic of my skin about two days into using the system. (Side note: I know I shared this pic a couple days ago, but it was actually taken two weeks ago).


dani saranghae before
A little grainy, but here I am at the start of using the Saranghae 5 – step system.

Wimbledon, World Cup, WHAT?!

Okay you guys. So I dunno what is happening with me this year but I can’t get into ANYTHING. We are well into the World Cup and usually I’m excited about major sporting events like the WC, but I barely made it through one game. Some friends have said, “It’s cause the US isn’t in there”, but that really has nothing to do with it. I thought I would snap to when Wimbledon started but for the first time probably EVER, I had to google, yes GOOGLE, whether or not Serena Williams won her match on Wednesday. Um, what?! No, I haven’t been busy doing other things. My mind has been everything but. So let me fill you in on what’s going on and what’s coming up.

Okay. So, first and foremost, I have been doing some teacher work over the summer. I have been revising and writing curriculum for secondary English teachers for the district I work for, so that has taken up some time – and been a little stressful, but that’s beside the point. While I had been looking forward to a work-free summer break, I wouldn’t be me if I literally had nothing to do for two months. In addition to teacher stuff, I have tabled my thesis and opted to take a capstone course in the fall to finish off my graduate studies. In order to do that, I am having to do some prep work until then. Mainly, just some extra reading, but we all know this ain’t no beach read. It’s a little tedious. But there’s some good stuff coming up.

If you remember, back in February I attended the Create & Cultivate conference in LA. Well, C&C is having a Style Summit here in Houston – so I will be in attendance. It is a free event – you just need to RSVP – so if you are here in the Houston area, check it out! The summit is July 21st at the Galleria in the Saks wing. Say hi if you see me!

Shortly after the style summit, I am headed back to New York towards the end of the month (my usual trip) and will be hitting of course Yankee Stadium a couple of times. I am sitting in two different areas of the stadium, so be on the lookout for a post on those game day experiences.

At the end of August I’m headed to Chicago or the first time for the Create & Cultivate Chicago conference (can you tell I love C&C?!) and I’m headed to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs take on the Reds!

I’m really excited about what’s to come over the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be fun and I’ll be sharing all the good stuff over on Instagram so you got to remember to follow me @thegamedaystylist


My Stadium Bucket List

I know I have my favorite teams but at the end of the day, I love a good game day experience and seeing different stadiums and ballparks. From college to professional teams, I have a nice, healthy list of places I want to visit. But before I get to what I want to see, let me fill you in on what I’ve seen, first.

Cotton Bowl, AT&T Stadium (aka Jerry’s World), Astrodome (a little nostalgia… Love Ya Blue), Ohio Stadium (The ‘Shoe), Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Darrell K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium, Kyle Field, Yankee Stadium (the House that Ruth built), Yankee Stadium (the house that Jeter Judge built), Citi Field, Shea Stadium, Minute Maid Park, NRG, Chesapeake Energy Arena, Toyota Center, Staples Center, and Smoothie King Arena. I have been to a sporting event at each and every one of these venues and have so many more I want to see. Here are 20 and they are in no particular order.

  1. Fenway Park – It is on my to-do list for next baseball season to make it to Fenway for a good ole Yankees/Red Sox match up, and then head to the Bronx for a Boston game as well. Then I’m good. But then that will lead to #13…
  2. Wrigley Field – This one will actually be added to the Done That list in August!
  3. Rose Bowl – Obvi, I’d love to see OU play here and win their 8th championship.
  4. Safeco Field
  5. Soldier Field
  6. Lambeau Field – although NOT in the cold. I don’t have time for that.
  7. Heinz Field – I really want a terrible towel moment.
  8. MetLife Stadium 
  9. Los Angeles Stadium – Whenever that opens. The renderings look really pretty.
  10. Dodger Stadium – I feel like it’s required.
  11. Citizens Bank Park – I really wanna meet the Phillie Phanatic. He’s funny.
  12. Rupp Arena – That place just looks like a ton of fun during basketball season. Can I go back to college?
  13. London Stadium – Yankees and Red Sox will play there in 2019. You see a trend?
  14. Madison Square Garden – I went when I was little, but don’t even remember.
  15. Barclay’s Center
  16. Hard Rock Stadium
  17. Las Vegas Stadium – I love a good Vegas trip, and now there will be something else to add to my usual club-day club-recover schedule; football.
  18. Arrowhead Stadium
  19. Marlins Park – I really like Miami…it’s fun.
  20. Oracle Arena – I mean, why not?

There’s a lot of cities on this list. Anyone want to join me as I start to tackle it? Come on, it’ll be fun! What other ballparks/stadiums/arenas should I add to my list? Sound off in the comments, and shop my QuayXDesi high key shades here!


Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

It is no secret that I love baseball. I’m a big Yankees fan (don’t start with me – I’m not a fan of the logo like many are), and if I’m watching TV, more than likely it’s on MLB Network. So when a friend says, “Hey, let’s go to a game”, I’m always up for it, no matter who’s playing. Although my boys weren’t in town, the Red Sox were – and I definitely wasn’t missing that.

Mostly I prefer to sit behind home plate or along the visiting dugout (third base line), but this time Evelyn and I sat in the Torchy’s Party Deck. As a game day enthusiast, I like to look for the best way to casually enjoy a game without having to do too much. If you’re not actually into baseball and are just wanting to enjoy a good atmosphere with friends then the Party Deck is for you. Here are a couple of tips and information for having the best time.

dani torchy's
I’ve linked my look at the end of the post. The exact Express shorts and Z Supply shirt. I also found the shirt in a three pack!

Ticket Price: Tickets are general admission and cost $49 each. With taxes and all the shit unnecessary fees that come with buying tickets, the total price for one ticket was about $58. For those that are unfamiliar with purchasing tickets, click on the map to view seats and click on the Torchy’s Party Deck, or scroll down to Torchy’s Party Deck in the drop-down menu (price range options).

view from party minute maid deck
View from the deck.

Parking: We parked at Lucky’s (duh) and had a beer there beforehand. Parking ranges from $10 to $40.

Get There Early: Keep in mind that this is a general admission ticket, so unless you want to be standing the entire game, you’ll want to allow for some time to scope out a spot along the bar area. Here is the view from where we sat. You get a nice view of the entire field and overlook the Astros’ bullpen. We got there about two hours (gates open 2 hours prior to first pitch) in advance which was more than enough time. BUT keep in mind the day of the week, and what team is in town, to gauge how early you want to arrive. Now that I have done it, I would say to-be 45 minutes early for a Sunday evening game is early enough.

Food: The complete Torchy’s menu is not offered, but there are a couple of options (Trailer Park Trashy style for me, please!). And of course, Torchy’s queso is on the menu. There is someone that serves you so you do not have to go back and forth to a concession stand. Beer and  If you don’t care for tacos (what’s wrong with you?!) there is a self-service concession stand close by and you can order up what you want. PS: Shake Shack is right down the escalator!

Bring a Group: Ev and I went with just the two of us and when she and I are together we are our own party; however, having a group does make the experience. The largest group I saw was a group of 5 guys and they had to stand around a table (didn’t get there early enough). There were several couples enjoying date night as well.

The best part about the party deck is there is space! Sometimes when you’re seating in the seats, you are sometimes a little close together, or having to deal with people climbing over you to get to the aisle (think of the person that goes to the bar 10 times – annoying). There is room to move and everyone is having a good time.

Until the next game day!


My Fenty Beauty Collection

Okay. Here’s a disclaimer: I am a proud member of both Rihanna Navy AND the Beyhive. Yes, you can be a part of both. I’m not going to lie, I am always skeptical of when a celebrity branches out of their nice. Like, stick to what makes you money, honey. BUT. Rihanna. Rih. Oh, my girl. She knocked it out the park with Fenty Beauty. Seriously. I have a lot of her products and I must say, it is part of my daily routine. Here are my thoughts on everything I’ve purchased. Sit back and relax, this will be a long one.

  1.  The first item I bought when Fenty first came out was the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Illumumizer. I remember I woke up so I could snag it online at Sephora before it was sold out. After my first gloss came in, and it was restocked, I ordered another. I have two (maybe three) rolling around in different purses. I reach for it when I want something natural and glossy.
  2. It took me a while (okay, a few months) to finally purchase the Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. I’ve always loved Rihanna’s red lip and searched high and low for something similar before Stunna Lip Paint came out. I wore MAC’s Ruby Woo for a while, but it was way too matte and would make my lips really dry. I heard good reviews about this one and finally purchased it during the Sephora Sale. If you want a good red lip with a matte finish, I’d go with this one. To be honest, I just threw out Ruby Woo. Sorry, not sorry.
  3. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is a mouthful, but I LOVE this foundation, and I have another bottle on standby. I have always had a little trouble finding a foundation. Either it’s too yellow, too red, too greasy, not matte enough – whatever. I prefer a matte finish and wear a mattifying primer as well, but it’s not super matte. I know some people who wear it and prefer to be dewy and just add Cover FX highlighting drops to give it a little boost. I personally give this foundation a 20/10 🙂
  4. Body Lava, and Fairy Bomb add that shimmer and with summer finally here, who doesn’t wanna sparkle in the sun. The body lava did make me breakout just a little, but I put it in an area where I am a little sensitive (my chest – I was trying to be extra), so if you are sensitive in those areas, I would not put the lava there (haha). The Fairy Bomb is fun, but the lava is good enough to give a glow.
  5. Everyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with highlighter. If there is anything I have more of than lipstick, it’s a highlighter and the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo is on repeat for me. I have this highlighter in Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule and it is a bronzy pink. I like to use it as a blush topper as well to give it a little glow. I actually shattered this highlighter and sat there trying to put it back in the pan to preserve it. I had to let it go and repurchase it, but it’s definitely worth it.
  6. Okay, so I know I’ve said, “I LOVE this” a bunch, but there were a few items that I either need a different shade of or didn’t care for and those are the Match Stix Trio and Precision Makeup Sponge. I love a good contour but the trio was a miss for me because of the colors. Now, all I have to do is purchase the stix individually to get my perfect color, so it’s not a color availability issue. But the colors in the deep shades were too dark for me and tan was too light so, there’s that. And to be frank, I just prefer a beauty blender of the makeup sponge. That’s all there is to that.
  7. Lastly, I just bought the Summer Nights Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trio cause who doesn’t want lipglosses called Snake skin, Mermaid Thighs, and Vacray? Those names just sound like summer.

I have linked all of these products below for you, so if you have been considering trying some of the newer Fenty products, go for it! If you have some Fenty products you think I should try, leave your recs down below in the comments! I look, forward to reading them all!


DK’s Summer Bucket List

These NBA Playoffs are insane! The Rockets have me all kinds of nervous, and LeBron is being…well LeBron. Can’t wait to see who makes it to the Finals. I, of course, am pulling for a Houston/Cleveland Final. I’m not ready for basketball to be over in Houston yet – but with the NBA Finals approaching, so is the end of the school year and it has been a long one – and I mean, LONG. So that I AM looking forward to. It’s time for a well-deserved 2-month break. Before anyone says teachers have it easy, I dare you to try a week in the classroom. ANYWHO. Between Hurricane Harvey taking out the first three weeks of school, and an ice storm cutting the first week of the Spring semester, I am ready to shut the door on this school year. Not only am I looking forward to relaxing and getting some sort of workout routine back, I’m ready to tackle my list of things I want to do. So here is my Summer To Do List. Some things I haven’t done in a long time, or are brand new to me. Torchy’s Party Deck at Minute Maid Park? Count me in!

  1. Kayaking at Discovery Green: Downtown Houston has its own charm and I have yet to hang out down there unless I’m going to Minute Maid, Toyota Center or another concert or show. You would think that being from the area I would know the ins and outs, but really, I don’t.
  2. Golden Nugget Lake Charles: I hear the pool is a lot of fun, and the food is good.
  3. Ditch Starbucks – and check out a new coffee shop
  4. (Re)Start BBG: Kayla Itsines is having a workout here in Houston! Yes, Kayla herself will be at NRG Center on June 3rd and it’s free! Check the @sweat Instagram account for details on how to register.
  5.  Read TWO New York Times Best Sellers: My reading has been very limited in the past couple of years. The only books I have read were either for grad school or teaching purposes. I used to read ALL the time – I got that trait from my dad. I need to start reading again. Sound off on your recommendations in the comments, please!
  6. Concert in the Woodlands: Okay this is something I have done multiple times, but I feel like summer isn’t complete without a concert at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion. It’s always fun sitting on the lawn for a concert.
  7. Miller Outdoor Theater: Miller Outdoor always has something going on. Want to gather some friends for a picnic.
  8. Day Trip to Pleasure Pier in Galveston
  9. Float Pool Bar in Galveston
  10. Kemah Boardwalk
  11. Purge my Makeup Bags: I have probably fifteen nude lipsticks…I don’t even wear them all…
  12. Torchy’s Party Deck at Minute Maid
  13. Organize My Closet: This one makes me laugh…it’s always a summer item.
  14. Try New Restaurants: Moxie’s Grill and Bar is at the top of the list, in addition to Dunlavy (yes I know I’ve never been), Caracol, Grace’s, Hungry, Prohibition and a slew of others. I know none of these are exactly new. I just haven’t checked them out.
  15. Snooze for Brunch: Okay everyone in their mom (including mine) has been here but me.
  16. Hike all of Brazos River Park: Willie will love me forever. That pup can walk for hours.
  17. Visit a Museum
  18. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – It comes out June 22nd. I’ll have this one checked off on…June 22nd.
  19. Day Trip to San Antonio: I want an Adult Trip to Six Flags (did you know they have bars there now?) and some chips and salsa, and margaritas…everything I ever do points to food…
  20. Cooking Class at Sur La Table: Okay this I have never done, but I have wanted to for so long. If you wanna join me, let me know in the comments.
  21. Run a 5K: I feel like there are tons of fun runs in the city during the summer. I haven’t done a race since the Spartan last year. Time for another test…but can it not be 100* out when I actually do it?

This list may seem short, but I also have three trips planned: LA, New York (per usual) and Chicago for Create & Cultivate. Come one Summer, I’m ready for you! Be sure you are following along on Instagram @accordingtodk ! Watch my IG Story, all of the good stuff is in there.



Rockets and Yankees

I don’t know why it took this long to get this post up, but I won’t make it a habit. Last week I had an insane week with a cold that felt like death was taking over, a Soul Cycle double ride, and three games. This is somewhat of a long post, but sit tight. I’ve got some food recs and Minute Maid gameday tips for you.

Last Sunday’s game vs. the Jazz was a good one. Mainly cause I’m obsessed with the food at Toyota Center. The waffle fries and chicken lime nachos (I think that’s what they’re called), are my favorite game time snacks. I mostly sit in section 109 and I know they have seasoned waffle fries and nachos in the club lobby. I also know they can be ordered them from the floor if you are lucky enough to be sitting courtside. Just a warning, from experience, you can’t look cute, eat nachos and watch for flying basketballs (sometimes bodies) at the same time. So, if you are sitting courtside, pick one. 🙂

After the game, we had an dinner at Masto’s.  I will say this spot is perfect to get fancy for date night, or have a nice family lunch or dinner. If you still don’t have Mother’s Day plans, this is a good spot! I did try some of my cousin’s steak and it was amazing. I was craving seafood so I split the seabass and crab cakes with a friend. I highly recommend the seabass. We had it blackened, and it was incredible. Keep in mind I had nachos, fries, maybe some popcorn a cookie, and some other random stuff at the game, so yeah. I was good and full.

Tuesday was the first of back to back trips to Minute Maid Park for the middle two of a four-game series between the Yankees and Red Sox. You’re probably thinking back-to-back games is unnecessary. But listen, on August 29, 1980-something, I pledged my allegiance to the Pinstripes, and it’s been Bronx Bombers only my entire life. At this point, I was miserable with my cold/allergy situation but a cough and runny nose were not going to keep me from seeing my boys in Houston. Not to mention, the Yankees have been on fire, and I’m not going to miss seeing Judge, Stanton, Hicks, Sanchez and the whole crew put on a show. Anyway! Here are some game-day tips for a good time at Minute Maid.

  1. Pre Game at Lucky’s Pub! If you have the time, grab a beer or two before the game! Lucky’s has on-site parking, and if you arrive early enough you can park in their lot and leave your car there for free to head to the game. If you’re hungry, order the wings at the pizza. you can’t go wrong. Especially, if you’re trying to avoid ballpark concession prices. Lucky’s does offer a shuttle to Minute Maid but it’s a less than ten-minute walk. Frankly, I haven’t taken the shuttle – I’ve only walked. (Note: the next day I valeted my car right across the street for $40. Parking ranges from 20 on up).

    aaron walk up
    Aaron Judge, New York Yankees #99
  2. Get there early for batting practice! Whether you are there for the ‘Stros or not, BP is always a good idea. Lucky for me, I got to watch Judge and Stanton put on a show. Judge alone, was enough to get there early. But whoever is in town – batting practice is always fun. Just sayin…Here’s a tip, if you’re there for the visiting team, sit along the third baseline. You never know who will come over and sign something for you before the game. You can usually get into sections 110-116 and go down close for BP or go sit in the outfield and catch a few balls.

    Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankees #27
  3.   Have fun! Be loud and be proud. Whoever you’re rooting for, do it with pride. I cheered (croaked is more like it, cause, coughed for a week straight) for my Bronx Bombers for two nights in a row. A born and raised Houstonian, cheering for the Yankees – in Houston. I did it with pride, and you should too for whoever your team is. If you didn’t eat before and are hungry, Shake Shack and Torchy’s Tacos are at Minute Maid. There is a cool viewing deck at Torchy’s and the queso and guacamole are an obsession. Shake Shack’s black and white shake and SmokeShack burger are delicious. You’ll thank me later.

Next week I head to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Bring on the funnel cakes and roller coasters.

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PS: I just got to customize my summer edition. FabFitFun box! See my previous post on how you can get one! Click here: I’m A FabFitFun Partner!